Castaways, un spectacle en anglais de l’école bilingue internationale

Castaways, un spectacle en anglais de l’école bilingue internationale

« Nous sommes faits de la même étoffe que les songes » Prospero, dans La Tempête

Les élèves des ateliers artistiques de BISS, the Bilingual International School of Strasbourg, (âgés de 6 à 12 ans) sont heureux de présenter en anglais leur production annuelle Castaways. Ce spectacle marque l’aboutissement du programme artistique qui s’est déroulé les mercredis matins durant l’année scolaire 2009/2010. Ces ateliers sont optionnels pour les enfants de l’école primaire et font partie des enseignements obligatoires pour les collégiens.

Représentations à la salle Polyvalente de Lucie Berger, 1 rue des Greniers 67000 Strasbourg


• mercredi 16 juin à 18h30
• jeudi 17 juin à 18h30
• vendredi 18 juin à 19h30


Since last September, students have attended workshops in music, theatre, dance, art and technology. In February, the workshops lead into rehearsal for the summer production Castaways. This is a specially devised piece, which combines the narratives and themes of Peter Pan, by James Barrie, and The Tempest by William Shakespeare. The workshops have been taught in French and English, with the production presented in English.

There are a multitude of benefits to working in this way:
*children of varying ages are working together, supporting each other and learning from their peers;
*students are learning English through the meaningful and motivating context of preparing a show;
*the structure of the year (workshops first, then rehearsal) helps children understand the creative process of skill development and then putting these skills into practice;
*The production combines all of the strands taught in the workshops: music, drama, art, dance and technology.

Castaways intertwines the themes common to the two stories: both adventures take place on enchanted islands, with characters lost and separated from each other, eventually to be brought together by magic. The journeys of our magician authors, James Barrie and William Shakespeare, explore the writer's art of creating illusion, becoming inseparable from the characters they create, and eventually letting go. The production itself becomes an exploration of what it is to create imaginary worlds and the process of 'putting on a show.

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