Night at the Museum - Palais des Rohan


Hello everyone !!
The city of Strasbourg and the University organize a night of the museum on Thursday, March 25th, at the Palais des Rohan. It has been 4 years since the city of Strasbourg had not organized this event !
A night at the museum exclusively for students. It is free, the only condition is to present a student card.
This year, it will take place at the Palais des Rohan, just next to the Cathedral. You can enjoy visits of the museums of the Palais (Archeology, Fine Arts and Decorative Arts) and also different artistic representations like music and dance.
You will find the program below, just check the link. As you can see, you have to make reservations for some activities at the reception desk of the museum. I will advise you to do so before Thursday.,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=5613&cntnt01origid=53&cntnt01returnid=423

If you are interested in this event, you can contact me and we can meet there or you can go on your own with friends of yours !
Coline (Petra's assistant, Association Alsace Etats-Unis, and a student !)



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